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Located on the central coast of California, Stepladder Ranch was founded in 1871 and has been family-owned and operated for three generations.  After a brief career in the tech industry, cheesemaker Jack Rudolph took the ranch over from his grandfather and built a creamery and dairy. In addition to pigs, avocados and citrus trees, the ranch is now home to 35 LaMancha goats who provide the milk for Stepladder's farmstead cheeses. The creamery also works with cow's milk from a small, local mixed herd of Jerseys and Holsteins.


Paso Vino is a Spanish style cheese made with cow's milk from a neighboring dairy. Once the cheeses are molded, they're washed with a local Syrah, then aged for approximately 6 months. The cheese has a beautiful aroma of boozy red berries, while the paste is tangy and nutty with a creamy mouthfeel. Paso Vino is a perfect snacking cheese paired with a glass of Syrah and a handful of Marcona almonds.



Over the last half century, Rogue Creamery cheeses have received international acclaim. The USDA certified organic pasteurized whole cow milk we use to make these original cheeses comes from Rogue Creamery's exclusive dairy along the banks of the rugged and scenic Rogue River. Inspired by a sense of place for 80 years, Rogue Creamery draws from the beauty and flavors of Southern Oregon's Rogue River Valley to create nine handcrafted blue cheese recipes, cheddar cheeses and TouVelle.


Survival Stout Cheddar is a subtle blend of stout and award winning buttery cheddar. The Organic American Stout from Hopworks Urban Brewery® is brewed from seven grains of the ancient world and finished with cold-pressed Organic Stumptown Holler Mountain® coffee conveying flavors of molasses, and roasted malts in this beer cheddar duo.



Nestled in the Tennessee wilderness, the 300-acre Sequatchie Cove Farm is home to more than 50 Jersey and Jersey-Holstein cows who spend their days on lush pasture that is carefully managed to ensure the animals' health. The herd provides the milk for the creamery's array of raw milk cheeses, which take their cue from cheeses made in the Savoie region of France.


Coppinger Cove is the secluded hollow that is home to the farm and creamery. Its namesake cheese is a take on the classic French Morbier. Coppinger's velvety, semi-soft paste is bisected by a layer of vegetable ash, and offers notes of fresh grass and smoked meats. The cheese is versatile enough to cook with or feature as part of a cheese plate.

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