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While Switzerland is the country most people associate with Gruyere's origin, its history actually encompasses several European countries. About a thousand years ago, the Holy Roman Empire extended its wily grip around all of what we now know as France, Switzerland, and some of Germany, and the forests of this area were called "gruyeres." Charlemagne's men sold wood to the cheesemakers of the area to power their curd cooking kettles, and the cheesemakers paid for the wood with their cheeses. These are the cheeses that we now know, eat and love as Comte and Gruyere.


Master cheesemakers since 1782, Emmi is now the agent company for a traditional coop of dairies and cheesemakers. This Gruyere is made just northeast of Lake Geneva in Western Switzerland. Aged in the Kaltbach caves where the air and natural bacteria endow the cheese with a deep complexity, this cheese matures for at least a year. It is smooth in texture and has rich, beefy flavors that are tempered by hints of apples and pears. Famously used in fondue recipes, this cheese melts fabulously and is amazing in grilled cheese sandwiches, gratins, sauces or just for snacking.
With subtle, balanced flavors that aren't overtly sweet, The Quince & Apple Company jams are ideal for pairing with cheese. Matt and Clare, the married couple behind the small business out of Madison, Wisconsin, make all their jams in small batches, ensuring that each jar is perfectly crafted.  
Tart Cherry and White Tea
Tart cherries set in a delicate jelly along with jasmine flowers and white tea. Pairs well with a creamy blue cheese.
Orange Marmalade with Lemons
Light and bright, this orange marmalade is the perfect accompaniment to fromage blanc or mix it in your vinaigrette or sauce for some zest.
Pear Mostarda with Honey and Ginger
Ripe pears and apples harmonize with lush honey and warm grated ginger. Pair with a bandaged cheddar or triple cream.  
Shallot Confit with Red Wine
Bold red wine brightens up the deep caramel flavor of slow-cooked shallots for the perfect savory preserve. Use on a sandwich or pair it on your cheese board with blue cheese or sharp cheddar.
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