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Master cheesemakers since 1782, Emmi is now the agent company for a traditional coop of dairies and cheesemakers. Kaltbach Gruyere is made just northeast of Lake Geneva in Western Switzerland. Aged in caves where the air and natural bacteria endow the cheese with a deep complexity, this cheese matures for at least a year. It is smooth in texture and has rich, beefy flavors that are tempered by hints of apples and pears. Famously used in fondue recipes, this cheese melts fabulously and is amazing in grilled cheese sandwiches, gratins, sauces or just for snacking.


Claims have been made that Parmigiano-Reggiano has been made according to the same recipe for over 800 years. Real Parmigiano-Reggiano can be made only in specific regions from mid-April to mid-November. This ensures that the milk used comes from cows who were pastured on fresh local grass. The cheese is hard, gratable and sometimes crunchy with deep, rich flavors, which heighten any food it graces.


Located in the lowlands of the Po River Valley, Valserena is reportedly the oldest Parmigiano dairy in Italy. The Serra family has been breeding cows in the same location since the 1700s. The family incorporates a slightly higher percentage of fat into their Parmigiano, giving this classic cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture.


Based in New York, the Essex Street Cheese Company is dedicated to sourcing impeccable wheels of classic European cheeses and bringing them to the United States. In addition to Manchego, Parmigiano and a handful of Goudas, Essex has recently begun importing a sheep's milk feta made on the island of Lesbos, the only Greek island to hold a PDO for feta. The cheesemaker, Tastanis, buys milk from from shepherds in Agra who milk a breed of sheep native to the island. The sheep feed on shrubs, herbs and flowers that grow near the sea, and are milked in the fields twice a day. 


Tastanis, which employs three generations of cheesemakers, uses its own yogurt to culture the milk. They do not make cheese between May and December because the shepherds do not separate the young lambs from the ewes. Their feta has a crumbly texture, and the clean, sweet, mildly grassy flavors that are characteristic of high quality sheep's milk.


Matt and Clare are the husband and wife duo behind Quince and Apple. They, along with their small, passionate team, handcraft artisan preserves and syrups right in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin. They make products that are subtle, well balanced and not too sweet, so they are perfect for pairing.


Every small batch they make is produced with hands-on care and great attention to detail so that each jar is up to their exacting standards. This artisan-centered approach allows them to always use the highest quality fresh produce, adjusting for the differences in season and variety. 




Casella's Prosciutto Speciale is made in America using heritage breeds (Duroc, Old Spot, Tamworth, Berkshire, Large Black) which are raised on pasture by small family farms. The curing process is simple yet complex. It's just beautifully marbled pork, salt and time. The resulting prosciutto is silky and balanced with nuanced flavors breed by breed. 

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