july featured cheese
Green Dirt Farm

Sarah Hoffmann and John Spertus, doctors by trade, moved to the Kansas City area so they could be close to both a city and rural land where they could build a sustainable, organic farm. After determining that their land wasn't suited to growing vegetables, Sarah decided to begin raising dairy sheep and learned how to use their milk to make cheese. Today, Green Dirt Farm is Animal Welfare Approved and committed to the principles of grass-based dairying.







Made from a blend of cow and sheep milk, Ruby is Green Dirt's take on a robiola. It has a bloomy, faintly rosy-colored rind, and aromas of yeast and mushrooms. Its silky, elastic paste, reminiscent of fresh bread dough, offers flavors of butter and grass that become more intensely fruity as the cheese ages.



Redwood Hill Farm

Located in warm and verdant Sebastopol, Jennifer's Redwood Hill herds of Nubian, Alpine, Saanen, and LaMancha goats clamber around green pastures when the weather is fine but are kept snugly inside when the winds and rains buck up. While Redwood's team is no longer making cheese (instead focusing their efforts on their dairy and yogurt lines), their cheddar and feta inventory has been aging to perfection.


Both the plain and smoked goat cheddar possess a complex flavor, sweet and mild, with a firm, smooth texture. Jennifer suggests pairing them with pears, apples or just eating as is. And with picnic season upon us, we've got plans for a mighty turkey sandwich with the smoked cheddar and a crisp red onion and apple slaw piled high.


Traditionally, feta is made from a combination of sheep and goat milk. However, Redwood Hill's unique feta, which is a Mediterranean-style, is made solely with pasteurized goat milk and a small amount of sea salt. The curds are gently cut, formed by hand into blocks and brined for 18 hours for a delicate texture and clean, milky flavor.