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Summer in the Northeast Kingdom is something to behold. Pristine lakes, sun-kissed cheeks, maple creemees. If you can't make it out there, do the next best thing and celebrate with a Cellars at Jasper Hill promotion! For the month of June, we'll be diving into some of the cheeses that have helped shape Jasper Hill and the landscape of the artisan cheese industry.


Short and stout in stature, Bayley Hazen Blue is big, bold and boisterous in flavor. Encased in a soft, natural rind, the paste is slightly drier than most American-made blues. The wheels are bursting with deep, dark flavors that often hint at tobacco and roasted hazelnuts, and on rare (and lovely!) occasions, sweet black licorice. Distinct and robust, Bayley Hazen Blue is sure to make a statement on any cheese plate.




Named for Anne Harbison, considered by many to be the grandmother of Greensboro, Harbison is a small, bark-wrapped, bloomy-rind round. Its rich, creamy paste is both sweet and herbal, often with notes of mustard. Serve this cheese traditionally by cutting off the top and portioning the paste with a spoon. Don't forget a loaf of crusty bread, a Belgian saison or a crisp cider.





Aged at the Cellars at Jasper Hill, Landaff develops a beautiful grey rind and the distinct aroma of damp earth often associated with caves. The firm paste has a loose, open texture and a vibrant flavor profile reminiscent of yogurt.

Founded in 2011, Charlito's Cocina aims to explore and utilize the rich gastronomic traditions used to preserve food prior to the days of refrigeration and freezers. It is in the spirit of this robust tradition that they strive to create delicious, shelf stable foods using the cleanest, most well raised ingredients possible. All of their products are made by hand, slowly, in small batches. You will find a hand-written batch number on every item.


All of the cured meats from Charlito's Cocina are made with pasture raised, heritage breed pork. It's a striking example of how minimal ingredients can produce a world of complexity.

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Kenne from Tomales Farmstead Creamery

Shakerag Blue from Sequatchie Cove Creamery



Wabash Cannonball from Capriole Cheese

Pimento Cheese from Zingerman's Creamery