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Peterson Cheese
Last year we were delighted to embark upon a budding relationship with Peterson Cheese. Our businesses have like-minded values, with a focus on quality, artisan cheese and honoring the commitment and hard work of our cheesemaker partners. We're dedicated to animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture and safe cheesemaking practices. In short, we're a perfect fit!


Peterson was founded in 1947, beginning as an importer of Scandinavian cheeses, which at the time was an under-served niche in the local marketplace. As a mainstay in the imported cheese industry, they have developed strong long-term relationships with leading European suppliers large and small, and these relationships have allowed them to bring unique and exciting new products to the US. market.
Agour is a second generation, family owned company led by Peio Exteleku. Inspired by Peio's passion for cheesemaking and the traditional Basque way of life, Peterson worked closely with his team to create this special Ossau Iratyselection made with the milk of the Black Head Manech sheep, rooted in the traditional mountain cheesemaking of the region. This cheese has a brushed, natural rind, a smooth, firm paste that conveys the richness of the sheep's milk and offers deep caramel notes, undertones of broth, and a long, savory finish.


The Peterson team worked closely with respected affineur Hervé Mons to develop Brie du Pommier. Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Brie du Pommier represent the most authentic-tasting classic French brie available in the US. The milk is sourced from herds of the classic Normande breed in the heart of Normandy; famous for their milk quality. This traditional breed produces rich, grassy milk that is high in the proteins needed for cheesemaking. Emphasizing grassy, lactic notes, this full-flavored Brie develops complex aromas and a smooth texture as it matures.
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