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The Creminelli family honed their skill as makers of salumi over 3 generations and were recognized as Artisans of Excellance by the Italian goverment. By the time Cristiano Creminelli became head of producution the business was ready to expand. In 2006, Cremelli decided to produce traditional Italian style Salami in Salt Lake City, Utah.The dry Utah climate was similiar to the Creminelli familys Northern Italian birthplace, and conducive to long slow aging. Relationships were formed with family farms raising Heritage breed pigs, a viable alturnative to commodity hog farming. All products are made with a passion for excellance, starting with 100% US heritage pork raised in open living conditions with no added nitrates and no antibiotics. Creminelli Meats are the blend of old world traditions with modern techniques to create new flavor profiles for lovers of great salumi and charcuterie.