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Bivalve Dairy


Located on the 700-acre Bianchini Ranch near the western Sonoma coast, Bivalve Dairy was founded in 2006 by 6th generation dairy farmer, Karen Bianchini and her husband, John Taylor. Bivalve Dairy is a certified-organic farm that focuses on rotational grazing and sustainable grass cultivation, using the natural fog patterns to create a lush and bountiful property. With their herd of about 300 Holstein milking cows spending 200+ days a year on pasture, these are some happy heifers! The name of the dairy harkens back to Bivalve Station, a nearby private train station that, in the 19th century, was used to transport seafood and mollusks to San Francisco bound ferries docked in Sausalito. This dairy not only honors the history of the area, but ensures that the ranch will be around for generations to come. Organic Bivalve milk is also used for select Cowgirl Creamery Cheeses.