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Cascadia Creamery


The Trout Lake Valley, in southern Washington state, has been the home to artisan cheesemakers since the mid-1880s, when a Swiss immigrant settled there with his family and 2 cows. In 2005, Marci Ebeling and John Shuman settled into the area and were inspired by local history to establish Cascadia Creamery. A unique feature of Cascadia Creamery is a lava tube mountain cave at the base of Mt. Adams that is used for aging all the cheeses they produce. Coincidentally, this natural cave has the exact same conditions as the famous “Roquefort Caves” of France! Cascadia Creamery works with a nearby fourth-generation organic dairy farm that comes from cows that are primarily pasture raised, eating lush grasses that grow in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The combination of soil, environment, specific breed of cows, and the natural cave all impart a “Cascade Mountain terroir” to all these cheeses which is truly unique.