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Cellars at Jasper Hill


Run by brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler, Jasper Hill Farms has quickly grown to include a premiere cheese-aging facility as well as developing a reputation for producing exquisite crowd favorites. At first, Andy tended to a herd of 40 Ayrshire cows, Mateo made the cheese and their wives, Victoria and Angie did the rest! Now, their business has grown and has partnered with neighboring Andersonville Farm in order to continue to produce award-winning cheeses for a wider audience.. You would never know that in the unassuming town of Greenboro, Vermont there is an award-winning 22,000 square foot underground facility designed specifically for affinage, or the art of aging cheese. Working with farms in Vermont and New Hampshire, including their own Jasper Hill Farms, the Cellars not only provides a premiere location to age hand-crafted cheeses, but also provides education, marketing and distribution. Modeled after many of the great affinage caves in Europe, this is a one-of-a-kind and unique facility in the United States that has a simple mission of sharing the beautiful products of their small community in the Northeast Kingdom.