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Based in Sonoma, Chevoo was founded by Australian couple Gerard & Susan Tuck. Marinated goat cheese is a classic Australian snack, and when Gerard moved to the United States to attend Stanford Business School, he and his wife saw a hole in the cheese market. The name is a clever combination of chévre (fresh goat’s milk cheese) and EVOO (an acronym for extra virgin olive oil), the two primary ingredients of all Chevoo cheeses. Drawing on inspiration from the farmland of Northern California, Chevoo was an instant success, expanding simple marinated cubes of goat cheese into a variety of flavors and markets. Chevoo is made from small cubes of pasteurized goat cheese that is marinated in flavored oil. The five flavor combinations are: smoked sea salt and rosemary, California dill pollen and garlic, Aleppo-Urfa pepper and lemon, Tupelo honey and lime, and Italian black truffle. They are perfect for slathering on bread, crumbling over salad or melting into grilled vegetables. Guaranteed that once you start with Chevoo, you won’t be able to stop!