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Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics

Meet the Fab Four of the cheese world: the Crave Brothers. In 1978, the four brothers - Charles, George, Thomas, and Mark - rented a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin and began milking their herd of 57 cows. Two years later, the brothers were able to buy their own 300-acre farm the next county over. In 2001, needing to supplement dropping prices in milk, they started to produce cheese. Today, the farm is home to a herd of 2,100 Holstein cows and three generations of the Crave family run the property and business together. With an emphasis on conservation and sustainable practices, the Crave brothers describe their cows as “pampered” and maintain as small of an ecological footprint as possible. The cheese they produce is true farmstead cheese - milk from the dairy is pumped directly to the Crave cheese factory, hours after milking. Talk about local!