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Fiscalini Farmstead


Fiscalini Farmstead, near Modesto in California’s Central Valley, was founded by John Baptiste Fiscalini, the son of Swiss immigrants, in 1914. Starting with 10 dairy cows and 160 acres, the farm is still owned by the Fiscalini family, but has greatly expanded in size. Now covering 540 acres, the farm is home to about 3,000 cows - half of which are used for dairy production. The Fiscalini farm uses rotational crop practices to grow the majority of their own feed and provide open-air barns and thick rubber floor mats to ensure their cows stay happy and healthy and produce high-quality milk. In 2000, great-grandson of the founder, John Fiscalini made a pilgrimage back to Switzerland, where he learned the art of making cheese and decided to bring it back to the Modesto-based farm. Today, the youngest generation of the Fiscalini family has begun helping in running the business, pushing the farm to focus on sustainability and green resources. The Fiscalini Farmstead continues to produce amazing, award-winning cheeses.