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Green Dirt Farm


In 1998, Sarah Hoffman gave birth to her third child. A successful academic physician, Sarah longed to raise her family on a farm, where they could enjoy fresh air and learn the values of hard work and caring for the environment. Green Dirt Farm was created. Green Dirt Farm is Animal Welfare Approved - a certification achieved based on yearly audits of strict farming practices - and is dedicated to raising their flock on pasture and maintaining healthy fields. Hoffman is steadfast in believing that animals are happier and produce better milk when allowed to eat fresh grass through seasonal rotational grazing practices. This also promotes healthy soil practices, as it gives the complex biodiversity of her land to recuperate and regenerate year after year. Only working with other farms that have passed the Animal Welfare Approved certification, Hoffman’s mission is spreading out into her neighboring community. This mission gives the farm its name - green dirt is happy dirt! And they certainly produce delicious cheeses proving that whatever they are doing is 100% working.