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Nicasio Valley Cheese Company


In 1919, Fredolino Lafranchi, an immigrant from Maggia, Switzerland established a LaFranchi Dairy on a ranch near the northern California town of Nicasio. Raising five children on the ranch, their eldest son, Will eventually took over and never moved from the property. Will Lafranchi frequently traveled back to Switzerland, forming bonds with Swiss relatives and learning to love the artisan cheeses of the region. Will brought this inspiration back to his ranch, and dreamt of making farmstead cheeses. Unfortunately, Will passed away before his dream could become a reality. In 2010, following their father’s footsteps, his children established the Nicasio Valley Cheese Company. Today, both the 1,150 acre ranch and the milk it produces is 100% certified organic. Proud of their rotational grazing practices, as well as self-sustaining internal composting system, the Lafranchi family is proud of their property, happy cows and delicious cheese.