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Roth Kase


The Roth Family can trace their roots back to cheesemaking to 1863, when the family still lived in a small town outside of Zurich. By the early 1900’s, Otto Roth had taken the small dairy and grown it into one of the largest importers of artisan European cheeses into North America. For the next 90 years, the family focused on importing, until Fermo Jaeckle, Felix Roth & Ulrich Roth banded together to tap into their family’s Swiss cheese making roots. They settled in Green County, Wisconsin, which is known as “Little Switzerland” for its lush pastures, dairy farms, and the large population of Swiss heritage. Today, Roth Kase works with a dairy cooperative based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - a network of 152 small, family farms all within 60 miles of the creamery. Making delicious Swiss and Alpine-inspired cheeses, Roth Kase is a giant in the artisan cheese industry.