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Vermont Creamery


Allison Hooper learned how to make cheese during an internship on a farm in Brittany, France. Bob Reese was working for the Vermont Department of Agriculture and charged with organizing a dinner featuring all Vermont-made products. When a French chef requested fresh goat cheese, Bob scrambled to find a local producer. He asked Allison, who was working in a dairy lab and milking goats in Brookfield, to make the cheese. The dinner was a success and the cheese was a hit. Vermont Creamery was born that night. That was in 1984 and since then, Bob & Allison have perfected every aspect of their cheese and production. With slow and steady growth, the Creamery is now a certified B Corporation with over 100 employees. While Bob & Allison have retired and the company has been acquired by by farmer-owned cooperative, Land O’Lakes, Vermont Creamery is still dedicated to their local community and a sustainable future.