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Audra Lawler turns the bounty of century old fruit trees into intensely delicious jars of preserves. From the fruit grown on the San Juan Islands located in the archipelago that lies in the waters between Seattle and Vancouver, just south of the Canadian border where the climate has nurtured fruit trees planted in the 1870’s . Protected in the shadow of the Olympic and Cascade mountains, the islands are sheltered from too much rain, and receive the advantage of more sunny days than mainland Washington. Perfect for plums,apples and the resident peaches. Lawler came to the island in 2011 and fell in love with the abundant and untamed bounty of the 100 yr old orchards. Putting her hands in the dirt, and her heart in the work Lawler and her team create exquisite Spoon Presereves and Cutting Preserves. Spoon Preserves are soft in texture with no chunky fruit, resulting in highly concentrated flavor. Cutting Preserves have a firm set and a chunky texture. Both delicious!