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The Marshall Family has a long tradition of California farming. Spencer Marshall, the beekeeper, harvests small quantities of superior quality gourmet honey in the very special microclimates of the San Francisco Bay Area, searching out locations that support only a few hives but produce exceptional tasting honey. The diverse and constantly changing seasonal blooms of the Bay Area (Eucalyptus, Star Thistle, Wildflower, Blackberry, and others) produce floral nectars and pollens that differ greatly in taste, texture, and color. The honey is harvested after each bloom and isolated from each apiary. This creates the special flavor nuances and wonderful color variations in Marshall's Farm honey.The honey is minimally filtered. Bits of pollen might be visible in the body of the honey. The Marshall's honey carried by Tomales Bay Foods is the Wildflower variety from the hives around Mt Tamalpais.