Honnalee is where Puff the Magic Dragon lives by the sea. It’s also the name of this delicious semi-firm, washed rind cheese!

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With a gorgeous pink and orange-hued rind, this cheese is savory, earthy and custardy. The brine wash gives the cheese a funky quality, like aged-beef and melon. Described as a “raclette-meets-havarti-mixed with-fontina-style cow's milk cheese” this little round never takes itself too seriously. Proof that cheese is fun!


Size: 1.5 lb
Cheese Type: Washed Rind
Texture: Semi-Firm
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
Rind: Washed
Coagulant: Traditional
Aging: 2-3 months
Location: Dundee, OR
Retail Pack: No

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