Tea Rose

Tea Rose delivers the delicate aroma and flavors of springtime.

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This fresh Chevre disc dusted with fennel pollen, and is sprinkled with fragrant herbs and flower petals. Named after the Matriarh of the Capriole goat herd, pictured on the label and who arrived on the farm in Greenville Kentucky in 1985, It is this goats linage that transends every cheese created at Capriole. A beautiful goat, a beautiful and delicious cheese, Pair with Blanc d Blanc or a tisane.


Size: 6.6 lb
Cheese Type: Fresh
Texture: Soft
Milk: Goat
Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
Rind: Flower Petals, Herbs, Fennel Pollen
Coagulant: Traditional
Aging: N/A
Location: Greenville, IN
Retail Pack: Yes

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