Kaltbach Cave Aged Gruyere

Gruyere is easily the most famous Swiss cheese and Kaltbach is an excellent example

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Aged for 12 months in sandstone caves just northeast of Lake Geneva, Kaltbach is a dialed-in operation which produces excellent and consistent cheeses. Fruity, beefy, creamy and nutty, this cheese boasts a deep complexity. A smooth texture with salty crystalline flecks throughout, this cheese is amazing for melting or for snacking. Pair with crisp apples or pears and a glass of Pinot Noir.


Size: 74 lbs Whole Wheel; 18 1/2 lbs Quarter Wheel; 5 1/2 lbs King Cut
Cheese Type: Alpine
Texture: Hard
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Rind: Natural
Coagulant: Traditional
Aging: 1 year
Location: Swiss Alps
Retail Pack: No

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