Red Butte Hatch Chile

Inspired by the red rocks of the American Southwest, Red Butte Hatch Chile is a spicy take on the Beehive Cheese Co’s. signature cheddar.

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The interior of this cheese is studded with green New Mexico Hatch chiles, which provide a grassy, vegetal flavor with a slight piquant kick. The outside is rubbed in a spice blend, predominantly featuring red Hatch chiles, creating a vibrant and aromatic rind. The rub gives the cheese a spiced & earthy smokiness that helps balance the creamy flavors of the cheese. Also, you should feel good buying this cheese - 3% of all sales from this cheese are donated to the Red Butte Garden, a local botanical garden near the creamery. Great for snacking, shredding or melting!


Size: 6 lb wedge
Cheese Type: Cheddar
Texture: Hard
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
Rind: Rubbed with chiles and spices
Coagulant: Vegetarian
Aging: 4 months
Producer/Affineur: Beehive Cheese
Location: Uintah, UT
Retail Pack: No

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