Inspired by the French cheese Morbier, Ashbrook is easily identified by its yellow paste and thin layer of blue-green vegetable ash running through its center.

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Using raw milk from their partners, Fox Valley Farm and Jericho Hill Farm, Ashbrook is lightly washed as it ages for three months. The result is a pungent, semi-soft cheese that is lactic, bright and slightly sweet with a decidedly funky finish. Try pairing with a slightly sour Berliner Weisse or an acidic Pinot Noir.


Size: Whole Wheel; Quarter Wheel
Cheese Type: Washed Rind, Alpine
Texture: Firm
Milk: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Rind: Washed
Coagulant: Traditional
Aging: 3-4 months
Location: Reading, VT
Retail Pack: No

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